Month: June 2021


DADI BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIG The purpose to organize a blood donation camp is to motivate people to donate blood and social works. The purpose of blood donation camp to select a suitable donor whose blood will be safe to the recipient and who himself shall not in any way be harmed by blood donation.


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Dadi Seva Foundation distributed food items among hundreds of children in Patratu, Jainagar village. It is the religion of man to serve the class with his own resources. There is no religion greater than human service. Yes, we changed the actual meaning of the birthday celebration.


DADI We find a grandma who is turning 80+ ahead, we saw her in bad condition, she was in dire need of help and she has no one in this world. She lives in the verandah of the open Anganwadi, without winter clothes on cold days, our team provided her with winter clothes and a …

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DIWALI CELEBRATION Dadi Seva Foundation distributed food grains among the needy on the occasion of Diwali in various areas of Ranchi city. Dadi Seva Foundation has been running a continuous distribution programme in Ranchi and Ramgarh area since the period of lockdown.


FIRST DISTRIBUTION Today we made the first distribution of our organization. We had designed ‘Khusiyon Ka Packet’ and it was distributed among many needy ones. we also distributed biscuits, notebooks, and pencils to the children. It was a very good experience.